We are doing great things

The Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Foundation (SALEF) was established in 2003 under the name Tucson Police Foundation. 

The Foundation has been able to fully fund or supplement the cost of safety equipment, technology items and ongoing officer safety training.

The Foundation raises money by participating in many competitive grant processes, presenting several annual community fundraising events and programs and by building relationships with local businesses, submitting for competitive local & federal grants, corporate partners and private donors.

Some recent items the Foundation provided include:

  • Replacement gas masks for Marana PD Regional SWAT operators (June 2020)
  • New TPD K9 Unit training bite suit (May 2020)
  • 7 new TPD K9 vehicle heat sensor/alarms (May, 2020)
  • New UAPD bomb detection K9 ‘Skip’ (Sept, 2019)
  • New TPD K-9 ‘Luna’ (Jan 2018)and her ballistic K9 vest and gear
  • 10 street bicycles and 4 Electric bikes for the downtown Tucson bike patrol unit (Feb 2018)
  • Armoring of a tactical suburban (Mar 2018)
  • K-9 unit training E-collars (March 2018)
  • Entry/clearing robot with camera ‘Throwbot’ (April 2018). 
  • Pole Camera w/audio,
  • Vehicle Heat Sensors with Alarm Notification Systems for the 10 K-9 patrol vehicles
  • 5 new patrol bicycle with gear for midtown bicycle patrol unit, 10 Non-Lethal Pepperball Launch Systems
  • 2 Remote Control robotic cameras for the K9 Unit, New bomb-sniffing K-9 ‘Lady’ for the Bomb Unit
  • 12 Window Tint Meters for Patrol and SniperFest Training for SWAT Officers.